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WEO introduction 

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Outline of the NPO】 World Environment Improvement Organization Representative: Chairman Katsutoshi ISHIKAWA

Date of corporate certification: January 6, 2003 (Cabinet Office certification, No. 2122)
Main office: 1-3-9, Kamata Honmachi, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Home page: http://www.npo-weo.org/


To prevent global warming, which is an urgent issue worldwide, through social education and sound development of children, individual level in Japan, raise awareness in the world, and contribute to speeding up problem solving. At the same time, we will provide a place for healthy and elderly people to play an active role, and improve welfare in an aging society, expecting to contribute to the revitalization of society.

【Activity Fields】

Environmental protection, promotion of medical / insurance or welfare, social education and sound development of children, local safety / cultural / artistic activities, along with international cooperation. We are engaged in a wide range of activities such as management, consulting, advice or support of organizations that carry out these activities.

【Greeting from Chairman】

Our NPO, World Environment Improvement Organization was established in 2003 with the main purpose of “preventing global warming”. Since the first Chairman, Mr.Agou who has been chairing the board since the establishment, passed away last year, I have taken over the post. The ideal of the World Environmental Improvement Association is “Enlightenment to work on greenhouse gas reduction through global activities in collaboration with like-minded people. As a pillar of our activities, we have been actively promoting “monthly study sessions” and symposiums and lectures, etc., for years cooperation with our supporting organizations. As the prevention of global warming is our eternal issue and an urgent theme, while confirming the strong ties of all concerned parties, the “World Environmental Improvement Organization” will continue pursuing the goal through all the activities.       July,2021

Katsutoshi ISHIKAWA

Concept of Activities and Organization
WEO Organization Chart

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